Congratulations to this Week’s Champions of Care!

This program is designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day duties, and who exemplify Circle of Care’s values.

Note: New nominations will be posted on Mondays.

Nominations can be submitted in one of two ways:

  • Clients/Family Members: Compliments from clients or family members that are received through the call centre or a manager will be entered as a nomination provided there is enough detail to do so.
  • Managers: A manager can recognize someone for one of the following reasons:
  1. Recognizing that an employee has taken initiative to support, assist or lead a project or difficult task.
  2. The employee has made an extra effort was reflected in their overall performance.
  3. The person has actively demonstrated one of Circle of Care’s values.

“Nadine Todd is so helpful on weekends! From her hard work and care for the clients, she always works to make sure the weekends run smoothly. Her energy makes everyone working with her laugh, and her leadership role is essential to the weekend operation.”

– Isabella LaMantia

“Recently, a long-standing Holocaust Survivor client of ours had a sudden change in their support system, leading to unanticipated care needs and significant caregiver stress. The compassion and leadership of case manager Bogdana Kokovina, in collaboration with our LHIN partners, multiple home care providers, and supported by team members Yana Zveiris, Lina Deich, Irene Shapiro, PSWs Agnes Amata, Analyn Obeda, Ella Gershenzon, Valentina Charapova and Angela Beyrami, as well as our entire ADP staff, including iRide drivers enabled this client to stay at home safely until they could move into a long-term care facility. These staff members went above and beyond to collaborate and provide person-centred care in order to create a supportive and safe home environment for this client and make the best out of an incredibly challenging client and family situation. Thank you to all involved!”

– Alison Kilbourn

“I am so appreciative of the delicious Kosher meals that I receive through the Meals on Wheels program! The service is simply wonderful. In honour of the outstanding staff and the program, I have donated to Circle of Care’s foundation.”

– KMOW Client

“Last week Bogdana Kokovina provided additional support to her team members by juggling multiple caseloads for colleagues on vacation, as well as supporting the needs of our Russian speaking clients. Thank you Bogdana for supporting our team and our clients so well!”

– Alison Kilbourn