Your work should not hurt! Please read the following tips and advice for protecting your body while you work.

Store it off the floor
● Store heavy objects between knee and shoulder level. Waist level is best.
● Store items off the floor to minimize bending.
● Use tables, benches or stands to get work off the floor.
● Use carts or equipment to move heavy items.

Keep it close
● Perform tasks close to your body.
● Avoid leaning and stretching forward to reduce stress on your lower back.
● Avoid side reaches that twist the spine.
● Your smart workstation: keep common tasks close; less common tasks out of the way.

Hands below head
● Use a stool, platform, ladder so work is below head/shoulder height.
● Choose lighter objects and materials for overhead work.

Look straight ahead
● Position your work and equipment to keep your gaze straight ahead.
● Position your work below eye level to align your vision with the task.
● Arrange your workspace so common items are centred to your body.
● Remember to give your neck a break.

Change it up
● Include small breaks in your tasks so your body can rest and you don’t get tired as quickly.
● You can feel tired if you work for too long of a time without taking any small breaks.
● Rotate your different tasks to give you breaks and give you time to recover.